Bard and CEU program managers work collaboratively to ensure that students are prepared for the logistics of travel, the shock of a new culture, and the expectations of the host university. Our orientation programming is designed to raise students' awareness about all aspects of travel and adjustment abroad.

What to Expect

The Bard-CEU staff is very available to all students, from the first inqiury into the program, to follow up with alumni - we will answer your questions and facilitate your ability to thrive during your time with us.

After acceptance you will be provided information about accommodations and a student handbook. Our program manager in Budapest will be in touch to begin the process of assisting you in your preparations for travel to Hungary.

Upon arrival in Budapest a program representative meets the group at the airport and brings students to their apartments. The first afternoon involves an introductory orientation to the apartments (keys/locks/appliances/internet/phones), and a quick tour of nearby grocery shops and cafes, and ending with a meal at a popular student eatery.

Over the next few days orientation activities include a tour of Budapest, a group dinner, a tour of CEU and the neighborhood, activation of CEU id cards and computer accounts, introductions to key CEU administrators, an academic orientation, and registration for classes.

During the first weeks of classes the CEU program manager will assist students with the process of obtaining the required Hungarian residency permit for foreign students.