Health & Safety

Health & Safety
CEU sports day on Margaret Island.
Our program orientations feature extensive units on safety in Budapest , and the student handbook is an invaluable source of information for those who are concered about their security abroad. If students ever find themselves in immediate danger, our program staff is on call 24 hours a day. The program provides all students with local cell phones programmed with emergency contact numbers. Students are also given wallet cards with contact numbers for local staff, Bard College staff, and insurance providers.
Country specific information from the U.S. State department for your review: click here.


Health issues are generally the same in Hungary as they are in the U.S. Adapting to a new climate, food, timezone, and way of life can be easily mediated by proper diet and adequate rest. The U.S. Center for Disease Control maintains updated information about health concerns abroad, including Hungary (

The CEU Medical Center
The CEU Medical Center is open to all students, faculty and staff. Access to the Medical Center requires a valid student ID and a medical insurance card. There are two qualified English-speaking doctors (male and female) who hold regular consultation hours. CEU also offers personal counseling to students in need. The service of the CEU Medical Center is free of charge for all CEU students.

Travel Health Insurance
All students will be enrolled in the  CEU student travel insurance plan. Once enrolled, students may elect to extend the coverage to include personal international travel.