Quotes from Bard-CEU study abroad alumni

"CEU was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, not just in regards to academics, but also in a cultural and social sense. The courses are challenging, and stimulating. Because you are studying with Masters students, many of which have a much greater knowledge base, and more experience than yourself, you are thrown into this intellectual whirlwind, and it's truly remarkable. The amount that I learned from my peers, and professors was so much more than I ever thought I would in one semester, which is a testimony itself to how wonderful the program is. Budapest is beautiful, thriving, exciting and historical. It is a prime location, and travelling to other countries in Europe is a breeze. It's everything I could have ever wanted in my study abroad experience and more. I would recommend CEU to anyone who wants to step out of the mainstream study abroad experience, and truly get to know the heart of Central Europe."
-Heather Surprenant, Smith College '14

“The Bard-CEU program is definitely an eye-opener! As an undergraduate, I gained a lot from being in masters level courses at CEU. In general they enabled me to further my current understanding of mathematics, and gave me a bigger picture of the subject. I also love the tours we did around the city and the trip to Vienna. It is a unique and recommendable experience for anyone who wants see more of the world.”
– Yan Chu, Bard College ‘14

"Truthfully, the past three months has been one of the best, if not the very best, time spent during my college years. I have met wonderful friends from all over the world, visited remarkable sights, had memorable conversations with my Hungarian professors, and above all, my life was enriched with the experience of living in a completely different society."
-Kang Dong, Bard College '14

"CEU is an amazing place to study. In one class on international and European refugee law we met with staff from the UNHCR and visited an actual refugee camp in Hungary. The interaction with students from so many parts of the world enhanced my learning experience and allowed me to enter discussions and conversations I will never forget. On top of all that, Budapest is a great city to live in and allows you the ability to travel all over Europe affordably. The semester at CEU was certainly my best semester in college to date and I'm so glad I made the decision to study abroad in Hungary."
—Zach Israel, Bard College '12 

"Studying at CEU gave me the chance to learn in an environment different from that of my American university. I was grateful especially for the many opportunities to learn outside the classroom, through traveling, cultural events, and personal interactions with other local and international students. Living in Budapest this semester has certainly been a worthwhile experience, and I recommend it to anyone interested in spending time in a vibrant and unique East-Central European city."
—Suzanne Levy, Princeton University '06

"Studying at CEU was probably the best part of my college experience. Budapest is a great place to live and a fantastic homebase to travel to places from Poland to Bosnia. Students here are very proactive and willing to discuss ideas, and refreshingly idealistic and eager to better the world. The student culture, friendships, travel opportunities, Budapest life, and academic support is fantastic and something that will truly stay with you forever."
—Cleo Rogatko, Cornell University '06

“The benefit of CEU is its student body. In one class on ethnic conflict we were discussing the Balkans. On my left was someone who worked in the Albanian Foreign Ministry and on my right was someone who did elections monitoring in Kosovo. The first hand accounts of students from the region made classroom discussions priceless.”
—Christophe Chung, Bard College ’05

"CEU offered me a rich academic experience incomparable to any other. Sitting side be side in intimate classroom settings with the future leaders of the post-Communist world deepened my understanding of the global political environment. Both in and outside of the classroom I was opened to new perspectives while forming everlasting friendships with my colleagues from around the world. My memories from Budapest and CEU are unforgettable!"
—Cherise Barsell, Bard College '04-'05

"I came back feeling more practical and more grounded in what I want to study, where I want to direct my energy. I also became more reflective about what our country is. Now I can't wait to get into master's-level work. I'm hoping to go back to CEU to earn my master's degree in political studies."
—Rachel Garver, Harvard College '04

"Classes were exceptional. CEU did a great job of inviting us into the community, and I was especially fond of the almost daily guest lectures or movies that were held on campus. In general, I cannot think of a better way to have spent my time abroad. Besides being my most intellectually enriching semester, it was also my most enjoyable. Thank you for the opportunity to go to CEU."
—Eli Schlam, University of Pennsylvania '03