The Bard-CEU Program

The Bard-CEU Program
The program offers a balanced mix of academic excellence, cultural exploration, and independent opportunity to serious students from liberal arts colleges and research institutions in the United States and Canada.

The Partnership

Bard College has a long-standing and deep relationship with Central European University. Leon Botstein, the President of Bard College, is among the founding members of CEU and is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Bard College and Central European University educate students to become global citizens who have the potential to work for open and democratic societies.

Bard has sent over 100 students from North America to study at CEU. Many of these students have returned to CEU for graduate studies while others have earned advanced degrees at US institutions or pursued careers with international organizations. The program is managed by the Institute for International Liberal Education (IILE) at Bard College.