About Budapest

About Budapest
Parliament building on the banks of the Danube.
Home to 1.9 million people, Budapest is the vibrant center of Hungary. The capital city combines the elegance of nineteenth century Habsburg-era buildings with its own blend of Art Nouveau architecture and the understated appeal of the Bauhaus style. Alongside this stately Central European feel is a thriving youth and underground culture. This juxtaposition enables Budapest to satisfy all types of residents—from the quiet conservative to the dedicated explorer.

Discover Budapest

There are no limits to what you can discover while in Budapest. A day on the town could lead from a dark and mysterious basement cafe to an elegant exhibition opening, an outdoor dance club along the Danube, or one of the myriad of private events and house parties that occur on any given evening. For those preferring a slower pace, Budapest offers numerous leafy squares and parks, relaxing thermal baths, grand museums, shopping centers with international food courts, and a number of boutiques featuring local designers.

Music lovers will be awed by the city's offerings. The State Opera House and the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy produce world-class operas and concerts, while top rock, pop, jazz and DJ acts make Budapest a frequent stop on their tours. Theater is available at a variety of small venues around the city, offering both contemporary and classical repertoires in several languages. Movie buffs have access to everything from local art-house productions to the latest Hollywood blockbusters. If you appreciate the arts, you will take pleasure in visiting the Museum of Fine Arts and the Exhibition Hall facing it, the National Museum, and the Museum of Applied Arts. There is also a vibrant gallery scene, popular with both locals and visitors. Sporting enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities to watch or engage in European football, basketball, and other competitive athletics. Budapest and its environs also offer many pleasant areas for cycling, running, rollerblading, or hiking.

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