Tuition & Fees


Tuition & Fees
North American undergraduate students on the Bard-CEU Program pay one fee covering all course work, transfer credit, accommodations, Budapest airport pick up, and orientation. Below are estimated expenses for one semester. These figures do not include financial aid or scholarships for which students may be eligible.

These costs are effective with the Spring 2013 semester. Pricing for the internship program is not available at the present time.

Fees for the Academic Semester at CEU

Visit our Policies page for information on our cancellation refund and withdrawal refund policies.

Program cost per academic semester at CEU: $22,865.00
(includes tuition, accommodations, airport transfer, and full cultural program)
Meals (estimated) $600
Personal Expenses (estimated) $500.00
Airfare (estimated) $1,200.00
Estimated Total Semester Cost: $25,165.00

Accommodations are included in the program cost. Students share fully furnished apartments with internet access.

Students are responsible for their own meals. All apartments have fully furnished kitchens. Many grocery stores and low cost eateries can be found near CEU and apartment locations.